Bureaux de BDVA

Since 1986, the BDVA agency has been run by  Jean-Michel Dumas, Jérôme de Boisseson and Philippe de Vilmorin. 2014 saw the agency bring in three new associates : Frédéric Duris, Bruno Largent and Pascal Saulnier.

The approach taken to the development of the agency’s projects is unvarying :
– Among the range of possible solutions for each of the awarded projects, seek out the best possible answer through the development of a specific, contemporary, simple and readable architecture,
– respect an approach that incorporates urban assimilation alongside the integration of the environment and scale in order to reconcile context and concept at each stage,
– form part of an innovative approach within which the incorporation of the challenges represented by sustainable development become an additional source of creativity.

All the projects developed by BDVA architects place emphasis on these objectives, no matter what the type of project being worked on : housing, office buildings and company headquarters, hotels and residences, public amenities (schools, colleges, multimedia libraries), etc. While it is possible to identify a shared approach and spirit in all the architecture produced by the agency, each of its buildings is nevertheless based on a specific concept and a style that a rms its individual character.

Photos des associés

The Team

Pascal Saulnier
Jérôme de Boisseson
Bruno Largent
Philippe de Vilmorin
Frédéric Duris
Patrice Aubert
projector designer
Olivier Bornes
architect DE
Heloyza Braga
architect DE
Frédéric Caille
engineer ESTP
Marie de Soultrait
architect HMONP
Christine Godet
architect DPLG
Alexandra Vale
Émilie Jonik
Interior architect
Pascal Ollier
engineer ESTP
Anna Rasamoelina
management assistant, financial and administrative services
Pierre-Benoît Troussard
architect HMONP
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